A Cappellissimo is a medium sized chamber choir from Trondheim, with 25-30 singers. Our conductor is Grete Daling. The choir was established in 1996, originating from the choir society of Studentersamfundet. The members of the choir have diverse backgrounds, and the age range is from approximately 25 to 55. Our shared ambition is to make high quality a cappella music from various genres.

A Cappellissimo cooperate on a regular basis with different artists and musicians. There is one major concert every fall and spring, but A Cappellissimo is also available for smaller concerts and gigs for companies and private parties.

In October 2015 we participated in the national choir competition, attaining 2nd place in the category «Mixed choirs, B» and received a silver diploma. We also participated in 2011 in the categories of mixed choirs and rhythmical music receiving silver diplomas in both categories.

If you want to book us, sponsor one of our events or if you want to know more about A Cappellissimo, please don´t hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Currently we have no available spots in the choir, but this situation is continuously changing, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Kammerkoret A Cappellissimo tar sikte på å levere gnistrende musikalske variasjoner på hver eneste konsert.

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A Cappellissimos gjesteartister, Kirsti Huke og Ola Kvernberg, har med seg flere overraskelser på lur til de som kommer på Snøkrystaller-konserten i kveld. En av dem eier hendene og instrumentet på bildet. 
Dørene åpner 1830. Billetter 215 kr (i døra eller kjøp via nett)
Les mer om konserten og forhåndskjøp av billetter på acapp.no  #acappellissimo #snøkrystaller
#konsert #VårFruekirke  #kirstihuke #olakvernberg #roarøien #steel #kor

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